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Turn visits into sales

Entice, impress or retain customers. Remove friction from your digital path to purchase by placing available purchase options right at the point of consideration. It’s called conversion optimisation, and although it’s technical jargon, its benefits are far easier to understand : tweak your digital sales channels to deliver a favourable customer experience.

Data is telling us that consumers intend to continue buying as much online once the pandemic has passed as they do now. Even if you now have lower traffic to your website, there’s no better moment to make every visit count.

Keep up with demand

It may seem counter-intuitive to prepare for an increase in demand during times like these! Some businesses have seen a huge spike in demand during the pandemic. ‘Virtual queues’ in online stores indicate the importance of being prepared for the unforeseen.

So start thinking about your digital assets. Have you outgrown the platform you're using? Does it keep up with demand, and allow you to work in the way you need to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction? If so, we can help to procure the best platform for you. We’ll then safely move your customers, orders and products, all while ensuring minimal disruption for your business.

What's your data telling you?

Great retailers understand the importance of knowing how their customers interact with their website: where they go, how long they stay, what engages them and what could be improved. Even small businesses with lower traffic volumes can harness valuable, actionable data as efficiently and safely as large companies.

We’ll help integrate your website analysis tools to pick up purchasing insights from your customers, enabling you to act and target more efficiently your sales strategies.

Time for a spring clean

In the current climate, a spring clean of your digital tools and online sales assets will help you boost your business for when the market picks up again. It’s amazing how big a difference simple changes can make. Are you certain your contact form is working for everybody? Is your checkout process smooth and fast? Can mobile users interact with your site properly?

Small tweaks, that fall into ‘good housekeeping’ for us, can pay dividends and cost far less.

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2020 is not lost! Right now, there’s a huge potential for small & medium size businesses to flex their muscle with their digital sales platforms.


Count on our regional expertise and 15 years of experience in the digital sector to get your online sales back up and running.

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