With such political and media involvement, climate change can appear a confused and often contentious issue. The Met Office wished to address this with a new, vibrant website aimed at a younger demographic: it would serve as a platform for clear and reputable information, straight from the scientists.


Create an interactive website to engage visitors with the topic of climate change. Develop front and back-end  technical systems for asking climate questions, in addition to voting system and mechanisms to prevent 'gaming' of the polls.

Vibrant Design

Our website design needed to match the tone of MC&ME's videos: contemporary, clear and appealing. After a careful wireframing process to lay out the information on the page, we explored various page styles and themes until settling upon a graphical, illustrative feel.

Technical Solution

We settled on a weekly cycle of questions, the winner of which would be turned into a video answer by the Met Office. We designed custom administration systems to manage this, and systems so website visitors can vote with a click of the button. We also built an email confirmation system to prevent the same person voting twice.


"Thanks so much for all the hard work you and your team have provided us with over the last 2 months. The site's looking great and we've had loads of positive feedback."

Rob Hutt - My Climate & Me