Having been Currell’s website provider for 5 years, our recent challenge was the most ambitious yet: to combine all of Currell Group’s websites into a single, mobile friendly website. The website had to reflect Currell’s status as a leading London Estate Agent, and provide users with fast and easy access to their property portfolio, no matter what device.



Historically, Currell maintained individial websites for each of their divisions, as well as a separate mobile website for their residential property. The decision was made to combine these to one website, creating a unified experience.

How We Achieved This

There was a lot of functionality to combine into one website. The single website had to serve 7 separate businesses, as well as both desktop & mobile users. To keep things manageable, we identified four key objectives:

Brand Unification

Our aim was to give each division its own character, whilst maintaining brand consistency across the whole site.

True Mobile Compatibility

We left behind mobile-only technology, creating a site which seemlessly responds to user’s needs, whatever device they’re using.

Improved User Experience

We created a simple and immersive property experience. Everything you need is on one page, with large photos that make you feel like you’re actually there!

Search Engine Performance

We needed to make sure that the transition to the new website wouldn’t harm search engine rankings for any of the Currell divisions.

Website Statistics

Page Views

The new website increased the total number of visitors to all of the Currell division pages.

Bounce Rate

The number of people exiting the site fell across all 3 of the main sections.

Duration of Stay

People have been staying on the website longer, with Charatered Surveyors experiencing a dramatic increase!

A Bespoke Technical Solution

The new Currell website is built on the latest open source web frameworks, directly interacting with two third-party property management systems and presenting properties in a searchable and user friendly manner. This improved Content Management System has created an adaptable and dynamic platform

Fully Responsive

Each page on the website will be served in a way that looks great on any kind of device. As well as improving the user experience for an increasing percentage of smartphone and tablet users, a single responsive website is beneficial to SEO and is Google’s recommended approach to serve users.

SEO Strategy

Informing the Search Engines


As well as careful migration of key pages, meta data and information, a large ‘map’ was created to redirect all old pages to their new counterparts. This provided search engines with a clear picture of the new website.

Reimagined Location Guides


Our location guides were redesigned to allow for honest representation of relevant keywords, plenty of engaging imagery and a focus on good user experience - a recommendation for search engine ranking.

Social Media


By generating unique and relevant ‘Open Graph’ data for key pages and providing visible sharing tools, we have encouraged website users to share content - and, once shared, ensured that it’s represented well.

Website Speed


In 2010, Google declared that site speed would begin impacting search engine ranking. The new Currell website is on average 33% faster than its predecessor, which was achieved by the best development practices.

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